I must say that I am not usually at a loss for words but a lot of friends and fans surprised me at Brooklyn Jazz cafe last night. Many of you may know that my family and business base is relocating to Los Angeles in early 2009. I really thought this was going to be a typical Wednesday show with Ardina Lockhart but it turned out to be a very special gathering of many of my friends and fellow musicians. Some I have known since my 80s days at UNT; others I met just last night. I must say that I have been richly blessed with some irreplaceable friendships here in the Dallas area. I will name only a few here, but there is always one more. Ardina, you helped make it all possible. Thanks. Shelley, what can I say? TJ, Johnny, LD, Melba, Gordon (The Rev), Big Sexy, Jamil, Garfield, Brad Mezei, Scott, Lorna and Robin. And even thanks to those who were gigging and/or missed it. We will celebrate again in the future. Peace! Yours sincerely, Frederick A. Nichelson/aka/Nick

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