Keyboard Magazine Unsigned Artist of the Month From the first chords of its punchy, rock-infused opening track, Hiro Morozumi’s jazz album Back with the Cats proves itself a great listen. Hiro created his piano parts on a 9-foot Baldwin concert grand and, with his energetically tonal approach to the keyboard, brings to mind comparisons with such players as Russell Ferrante and Jacky Terrasson. The Japanese pianist’s compositions are as likable as his playing style: “Don’t Worry ’Bout a Minor Thing” is playful, rhythmically creative, and engaging from intro to outro, while “My Grandfather’s Clock” lets Hiro showcase bittersweet, gospel-flavored ballad chops. Inventive and accessible, Back with the Cats makes it clear that jazz is alive and well. In fact, thanks to folks like Hiro, it’s gone truly global. How cool is that? ( -Michael Gallant, KB magazine

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